Prison & Minors

100 pression, a graffiti collective from Nantes, has commissioned me to spend four days in a french juvenile prison with them for a workshop. First, the young prisoners were taught to draw letters on paper, they have learned a brief history of graffiti, and then, they were able to spend one day in the jail exercise yard to paint. Most of them were mostly with us only to spend time outside from their cells, so I’ve shown them how to use a camera while one of them was painting.

The zine we have created all together is the result of the black and white digital pictures we shot, the drawings they made and their graffiti paintings. As most of the teenagers did not want to be shot, the result of the series (above) is a sample of details of the jail exercise yard shot with an analog camera and a color film.

︎ Limited edition of 15 black and white zines.
Each cover has been painted with a chrome spray paint.
- Small format : A5
- Big format : A4